Vestfold Roots

Vestfold Roots

The purpose of this page is to publish transcriptions of genealogical sources from Vestfold and collect links to other pages containing genealogical data from Vestfold.

It is strongly recommended that information from transcriptions are checked against the originals.

Parish registers Andebu
Sandar (Sandeherred) (Oct 25, 2020)
Tønsberg (Mar 23, 2020)

Censuses 1663-66 census
1701 census
1707 census, Tønsberg and Holmestrand
1710 census, Tønsberg and Holmestrand
1814 census, Tjølling
1825 census, Sandefjord
1891 census, Sandar

Probate registers Jarlsberg County
Larvik County

Tax rolls and
land registers
County accounts 1514-1660
Extra tax 1762-1772
Silver tax 1816

Military records Oldest rolls, 1704-11, Bragernes district
Levy roll 1706, Bragernes district
Levy roll ca. 1717
Oldest rolls, 1723-26, Bragernes district
- Main roll
- Youth roll
- Reserve roll
Levy roll 1726, 2. (Western) Smaalenske nat. inf. regt.
- Western jarlsbergske company
- Eastern jarlsbergske company
- Southern jarlsbergske company

Bygdebooks Vestfold bygdebooks
- Andebu
- Nøtterøy
- Sandeherred
- Stokke
- Tjøme

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